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Our top product, a no-code/low code platform to easily get messages from API to API with advanced options for every business

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Advanced Logs

See events coming in and being processed in real time

Unlimited possibilities

Our platform is set up in such a way that we can realize any API connection

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Automation makes it possible to scale up your business faster and easier

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We have more than 2000 satisfied users

Any questions?

Are fallback mechanisms or fault tolerances built in?

We have incorporated various procedures and strategies into the Exchange platform, all to prevent data from being lost and to ensure your processes keep working 24/7.

How can I integrate my existing systems?

This can be done in many different ways and fully depends on the systems to be integrated. In the near future we will publish extensive documentation for our platform the help you get started quickly. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting with our Solution Architects.

What types of data conversions can be performed?

By default we offer conversion from JSON, XML and CSV, but more advanced conversions are also possible such as EDIFACT.

Are automatic data synchronization options possible?

Our platform is specifically built for connecting different systems and one of our core features is data synchronization.

Is real-time interfacing supported?

Real-time links are supported by our platform, for example we offer the possibility to work with event streams.

How serious are you about security?

Very serious! Our platform has several Zero-Trust security measures, including IP whitelisting, oAuth2 support and Audit logging. We are even working on full ISO/IEC-27001 compliancy.

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